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Biomedical Engineering.Com

B-M-E-T.Com, Inc.

The company began in January 2008 by Albert Sheppard as a senior project development for his Bachelor of Science of Technology Management and his Bachelor of Science Biomedical Engineering degrees at DeVry University in Fremont California. The company's product development spans medical; bio-medical; and bio-health & well being products and devices, as well as related educational, entertainment, assistive technology, and environmental products.

The Goals of Biomedical Engineering.Com

The primary goals, vision and mission of Biomedical Engineering.Com, Inc. are:
  • definition
  • design
  • development
  • verification
  • validation
  • commercialization
Bio-Medical-Engineering.Com, Inc. is divided into nine categories of innovation:
  • ARCH™ Access, Recreational, Conveyance, and Health Devices for the disabled
  • B-WID-WIC™ Brainwave Interface Digital Wireless Interface Controllers
  • Bio-Pets™
  • Bio-CIS™ Medical Software Systems
  • Dog-e-Bag™
  • Bio-Beauty™ and Bio-Longevity™
  • Bio-Bike™
  • Bio-Games™ BCI Games™ and MedSims™
  • Major Med™ Devices
  • Bio-Sports™ Devices
  • Bio-Nostic™ Medical Diagnostic Devises
differential input amplifier
A differential input amplifier

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